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Spring is coming…!

Spring is coming…!

Spring is coming!
Time flies. We are almost 3 months further into the new year and I love the month of March. With a bit of luck we can enjoy the sun and go out into the garden. Away gloom: spring is coming! That’s why we like to inspire you with this brand new edition.

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Looking inside at the Meilandjes

Looking inside at the Meilandjes

You like it or not; the Chateau Meiland program. Personally, I belong to the first category, along with my husband Henri. Our daughter Fleur is a big fan. Especially from Claire. We have a good laugh about the hilarious adventures that the Meiland family is experiencing. As a brocante lover, I also like to watch the program from that perspective and was allowed to make an exclusive report in France for Love for Brocante.

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