About us

About us

Team Liefde voor brocante

The magazine Loving Brocante could not be made without the expert help of a number of people, in our case mainly women. We would like to introduce you to the employees of our team; one by one power women with each their own discipline.

Margreet Frens

Margreet lives with Henri and is mother to Fleur. She started the magazine Loving Brocante in 2015 after becoming infected with the brocante virus. Margreet has worked for 22 years in the world of books and magazines at various publishers before introducing her own magazine to the world. In doing so, she has fulfilled one of her greatest desires.

Ellen Pardede

Ellen has a relationship with Johan and is mother to Suzanne. She has worked for years in the magazine world for renowned titles such as Avenue, Private house, Ariadne, VT Wonen, Seasons, The taste of Italy and Italy Magazine. With her flair for languages, writing skills, commercial insight and charming appearance, Ellen takes care of the sales for Loving Brocante.

Elian Baartman

Elian is married to Hugo and is mother to Mauk, Stijn and Guus. She takes care of the image editing and technical matters with the printers of the magazine. Elian has been art director since the beginning of Loving Brocante and is perfect for this job because of her interest in brocante. Elian is indispensable when it comes to  beautifully designing the magazine.

Joyce Daams

Joyce lives in Belgium and is a brocante and antiques collector pur sang. She has a vast knowledge of brocante and antique items and writes the feature ‘The story behind’ in every edition as well as having her own column. Joyce’s contribution gives even more depth to the magazine. Since 2018, Joyce has organised a magnificent event In Belgium which features the crème-de-la-crème when it comes to brocante.

Marieke Meijers

Marieke is married to Mike and is mother to Gillian, Junuh and Fajah. She is extremely specific when it comes to numbers and analyses. Marieke loves nothing better than browsing in the accounts and is an indispensable member of the team when it comes to the administrative part of Loving Brocante.